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Discover your roots at the Library! The Monticello-Union Township Public Library provides resources, materials, microfilm, and services to support your interests in researching your family's history. In the each of the categories, we have listed all the materials available for you to review at the library. These materials are not available to leave the library, but you can copy and print from the items. The microfilm machine is available to use and we have provided a listing of the films in our cabinet. Please visit the circulation desk before using the microfilm machine. The Library offers the Ancestry Library Edition database for researching your family history and lists other digital resources to access from home.

One-on-one researching can be requested through the circulation desk or you can access the Ancestry Library Edition on any computer within the library only. It cannot be accessed from home. To set up a one-on-one, please visit the circulation desk or call 574-583-2665 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Genealogy Resources

Cemetery Records and Historical Books

Cemetery Records
*All records are for reference only and cannot be checked out or taken out of the library*

Historical Books
*All Historical Books are for reference only and cannot be checked out or taken out of the library*


  • White County Cemetery Master Index Vol 1 (A-G)
  • White County Cemetery Master Index Vol.2 (G-O)
  • White County Cemetery Master Index Vol.3 (O-Z)
  • 1840 & 1850 Census - White County Indiana
  • 1883 White County Index - Counties Of White And Pulaski, Indiana 1883
  • White County Death Records 1882 - 1898
  • Riverview Cemetery Index - White County Indiana Vol. 1
  • Riverview Cemetery Index - White County Indiana Vol. 2
  • Riverview Cemetery Index - White County Indiana Vol. 3
  • White County Death Records WPA 1882 - 1920
  • Cemetery Records White County Indiana Vol.1 - Cass/Jackson & Lincoln Township
  • Cemetery Records White County Indiana Vol.2 - Monon Township, White County Indiana
  • Cemetery Records White County Indiana Vol.3 - Prarie/Big Creek Township
  • Cemetery Records White County Indiana Vol.4 - Honey Creek, Princeton & West Point Township
  • Cemetery Records White County Indiana Vol.5 - Liberty & Union Township
  • Cemetery Records White County Indiana Vol.6 - Davis/Winegarder/Old Dutch Zion
  • Monticello Herald - Birtch, Death, & Marriage Listings 1870 - 1875, 1886 - 1890, 1891 - 1895
  • Brookston I.O.O.F. Cemetery - Records Of Brookston, White County, Indiana From The Early 1800s To 2005
  • Greenbush Cemetery, Lafayette Indiana, Tippecanoe County
  • Biographical History of Tippecanoe, White, Jasper, Newton, Benton, Warren, and Pulaski counties, Indiana Vol. 1 (1899)
  • Biographical History of Tippecanoe, White, Jasper, Newton, Benton, Warren, and Pulaski counties, Indiana Vol. 2 (1899)
  • Family Maps of White County, Indiana Deluxe Edition with Homesteads, Roads, Waterways, Towns, Cemeteries, Railroads, and More (2010)
  • Counties of White and Pulaski, Indiana. Biographical and Historical, Illustrated (1883) *several copies are available including a bicentennial edition
  • A standard history of white county, Indiana vol.1, illustrated (1915)
  • A standard history of white county, Indiana vol.2, illustrated (1915)
  • Images of America: Monticello (2007)
  • White County, Indiana index of persons and firms (1983)
  •  White County Interim Report, Indiana Historic Sites and Structures Inventory (1994)


Here is an inventory of the microfilm available at the library. There is a microfilm machine provided for you to browse the film and either print or download the copy. Fees apply for copies made. 

  • W.P.A.  Wells and White County
  • 1840 Census Wells, White and Whitley
  • September 17, 1850 – December 23, 1854 Prairie Chieftain
  • March 1858--Mar.1862 White County Democrat 
  • March 12, 1859 – January 17, 1862 Monticello Spectator
  • July 7, 1870 – December 21, 1916 Monticello Herald
  • June 9, 1886 – September 26, 1888 Idaville Observer
  • 1890—1955 White County Democrat
  • 1900 Census Wells, White and Whitley
  • 1902—1920 Monon News
  • 1904-1912 Idaville Observer
  • 1910 Census White, Whitley, Carroll, Boone and Cass Counties
  • 1913 The Reynolds Journal
  • November 1913-December 1943 The Burnettsville Times
  • February 26, 1913 – August 26, 1929 Monticello Evening Journal
  • 1918 Monticello Herald
  • 1920 Census (Federal) Indiana Wells & White County
  • Jul. 18, 1921--March 10, 1922 Monticello Evening Journal
  • January 1922-July 13, 1939 Monticello Herald
  • August 17, 1929 – December 31, 1938 Monticello Evening Journal
  • 1956-March 1966 White County Times
  • July 1939 – June 1951 Monticello Herald Journal
  • July 1957 – April 1962 Monticello Herald Journal
  • May 1962 – April 1972 Monticello Herald Journal
  • May 1972-April 1979 Monticello Herald Journal
  • May 1979-December 1989 Monticello Herald Journal
  • January 1990 - December 2002 Monticello Herald Journal
  • July 1991 - December 1991 Delphi Sun
  • 2003 - 2017 Monticello Herald Journal
  • Index to compiled service records of volunteer union soldiers who served in organizations from the state of Indiana A-Z
  • Compiled service records of soldiers who served in the American Army during the Revolutionary War A-Z
  • Muster Rolls and payrolls of militia and regular army organizations in the Battle of Tippecanoe, Nov. 1811
  • 9th district Indiana Militia Enrollment Records Civil War includes counties: Fulton, Lake, LaPorte, Miami, Benton, Cass, Porter, Jasper, Pulaski, Stark, Marshall, St. Joseph, Marshall, and White

Online Research

This genealogy section is currently being edited.  Please return to this section at a later date for new and updated information.

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School Yearbooks

Here is an inventory of the School Yearbooks available at the library. Ask the Circlation Clerks to look at a yearbook. The yearbooks can't be checked out. You can make copies of the yearbook.

Roosevelt High School
1942 1945 1946
1947 1948 1951
1952 1953 1954
1956 1957 1958
1961 1962 1963

Roosevelt Middle School

Twin Lakes High School
1964 1965 1966 1967
1967-1968 1969 1969-1970 1971
1972 1973 1974 1975
1976 1977 1978 1979
1980 1981 1982-1983 1983
1984 1986 1987 1988
1989 1990 1991 1992
1993 1993-1994 1995 1996
1997 1998 1998-1999 1999-2000
2000-2001 2001-2002 2003 2004
2004 2005 2006 2007
2007-2008 2008-2009 2009-2010 2011
2012 2013 2014 2015

Library Cards and Borrowing

Library Cards
  • Resident Borrowers
    • The Monticello-Union Township Public Library is supported by Union and Jackson Townships property taxes. Residents of these two townships may apply for a library card by providing proof of current residence. Juveniles under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who must sign the library application.
  • Non-Resident Borrowers
    • Liberty, Honey Creek, and Cass Township residents may apply for a library card, which will be purchased (all or in part) by their township trustees.
Borrowing Materials
  • Borrowers must bring their own library card to check out materials. Those with valid individual library cards may borrow 100 items of books and audiobooks. Video and music materials are limited to 10 DVDs and CDs at one time per card.
  • Patrons will receive a "checkout receipt" which lists all items checked out and their due dates on that card.
Charges, Fines, and Fees - The library accepts cash, check, or credit cards for payment of charges, fines, and fees.
  • Charges
    • MUTPL will charge for damaged or lost materials. There is also a $2.00 charge for a replacement library card.
  • Fines
    • Overdue items are fined $.25 per day per item. There will be a charge for lost and/or damaged materials. Borrowing privileges will be suspended for patrons who have fines over $10 until the items are returned or paid for and assessed fees paid.
  • Fees - The Monticello-Union Township Public Library has the following fees for patrons who are not eligible for membership:
    • $50.00 for a Public Library Access Card (PLAC), allows the owner to obtain a library card at any Indiana Public Library for one year after the purchase date of the PLAC card.
    • $60.00 for a Non-Resident Card, which allows patrons living in an area without a library to obtain a library card at the Monticello-Union Township Public Library.

Library Resources

The library has many resources for our patrons to take advantage of including:
  • Books
  • DVDs
  • CDs
  • Audio Books
  • Periodicals(Magazines and Newspapers)
  • Classes
  • Databases
  • Reference Help
  • Genealogy Resources

Internet Services

  • Computer and Internet Access
    • The Monticello-Union Township Public Library has 12 CASSIE computer stations available for public access. There is no fee to use these stations but certain restrictions apply. (Please see our Computer/Internet Acceptable Use Policy) All computer sessions are regulated through CASSIE, our computer reservation software. Sessions are guaranteed for 1 hour, with time extensions in 15 minute increments if there is no-one on the waiting list. Additionally, we have 2 Express Stations available for quick, 15 minute look-ups and printing.
  • Wireless Internet Access
    • WiFi access is available to the public. The network’s name is Library WiFi. You will be required to accept the Library’s Internet Policy in the process of connecting.
  • Printing, Copying, Faxing and Scanning
    • Printing and Copying may be done at a cost f $.10 per page in black and white, $.25 for color.
    • The library offers faxing service at $1.50 for the cover page and $1.00 for each page after that.
    • The library offers scanning to email at no cost.
  • Library Hotspots
    • No internet at home? Borrow ours for all your Internet needs at home, on a long car trip or vacation. There is a one week check out limit, one renewal and holds can be placed. You must be 18 or older and the hotspot needs to be returned to the circulation desk with all of the equipment and accessories with it.  Overdue fee is $0.25 per day. Replacement fees will accure if device and accessories are missing.

      pdf Click on the link to view the Monticello Public Library's Internet Policy.

Interlibrary Loan

Library StacksInterlibrary Loan AvailableInterlibrary Loan is a service provided to residents of the town of Monticello and Union and Jackson Townships. Reciprocal & P.L.A.C. card holders must make interlibrary loan requests through their Home Library (the library in the township where they reside).

How Does it Work?

Adults and children may request materials not available in the Monticello-Union Township Public Library collection from other libraries.

Request forms are available at the Circulation/reference desk. Or call (574)583-2665.

It generally takes 10 days to 2 weeks to receive requested materials. It can however take longer depending on how many libraries have to be searched. Other White County libraries are searched first and if not found they are placed on a worldwide interlibrary loan database.

Interlibrary Loan materials generally may not be renewed. Libraries have different loan periods and travel time to and from make it nearly impossible to request longer loan periods. If you find you need additional time please contact the Interlibrary Loan Librarian, before your due date, at (574) 583-2665 to see if a renewal may be granted.

This service is facilitated and funded by the Indiana State Library.

Printing Services

  • Printing and Copying
    • Printing and Copying may be done at a cost of $0.10 per page in black and white, $0.25 for color.
  • Faxing
    • The library offers faxing service at $2.00.
  • Scanning
    • The library offers scanning service at no charge.

Meeting Rooms

The Program Room, Conference, and Study Rooms must be reserved at the Circulation Desk in advance.  Please contact Scott Miller for information and reservations.
  • Program Room - Capacity of 65, 45 at tables
  • Board Room - Capacity of 15
  • Study Room 1 - Capacity of 2-3 people
  • Study Room 2 - Capacity of 2-3 people
*COVID-19 restrictions may apply to capacity. Contact Scott Miller at the library for further information at 574-583-2665 ext 3304
  • Location


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