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Computer/Internet Policy

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Computer/Internet Acceptable Use Policy Adults, Teens and Juveniles
Approved 12/2019

In accordance with the mission statement of the Monticello-Union Township Public Library, internet access is made available to patrons. Our purpose is to offer resources by giving library users access to information worldwide.

Just as the library cannot control the content of books, it cannot control Internet content. The Internet and its available resources contain a wide variety of materials and opinions from varied points of view. While the Monticello-Union Township Public Library provides content filtering, it is technically impossible to prevent access to all objectionable resources. Some sites accessible via the Internet may contain material that is inaccurate, defamatory, illegal or offensive to some people. The Library complies with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA). All Library computers with Internet access operate with filtering technology for the protection and safety of our patrons. It is the responsibility of parents and guardians to monitor and guide their own children in the use of the Internet. The library is not responsible for any objectionable material viewed by a child, whether intentionally or by accident.

The use of the Internet and the public computer is a privilege. Inappropriate use of either will result in disciplinary action. Both inappropriate use and subsequent disciplinary action will be determined by the library staff. Disciplinary action may include loss of computer, internet, or library privileges.

Inappropriate use includes, but is not limited to:
  • Accessing, transmitting, uploading, downloading, printing or distributing pornographic, obscene, abusive, or sexually explicit materials or language
  • Violating any local, state, or federal statue
  • Vandalizing, damaging, or disabling the property of another individual or organization
  • Violating copyright or otherwise using intellectual property of another individual or
  • organization without permission
  • Installing software on a computer
  • Changing the configuration of software on a computer
  • Harassing any individual via the internet
There are 13 public computers on the adult side of the library and 4 public computers in the Children’s Department. Parents and caregivers with children have priority on the computers located in the children’s department.
  • The computers are available on a first come, first served basis. No time slots for computer use will be reserved. No more than 2 users may be working at a computer.
  • Due to staffing limitations, we are unable to provide in-depth training concerning computer or internet use.
  • Nothing can be “saved” to a computer to be retrieved at a later date.
  • Upon restart the computer is returned to the original state. Anything saved to the
  • computer will be erased at this time.
  • Printing service is available.
Wireless Internet
Free filtered wireless internet is provided by the Monticello-Union Township Public Library for patrons to use their personal laptop computers or equipment.
  • By choosing to use the Library’s WiFi service, the user agrees to abide by the Library’s Computer/Internet Acceptable Use Policy.
  • The Library assumes no responsibility for any alterations or interference with a computing device’s configurations, operation or data files resulting from connection to the WiFi Network.

Collection Policy Part 1 of 3

pdf  Download Printable Copy of Collection Development Policy

The collections of the Monticello-Union Township Public Library are instruments through which the library meets the needs of the community. Materials are provided which aid patrons in the pursuit of information, education and recreation. An essential purpose of the library is to serve as a resource where individuals can examine many points of view and make their own decisions. 

Mission Statement
The Monticello-Union Township Public Library is a service institution. It seeks to inform, educate, entertain, and culturally enrich the community.

Selection Guidelines

The Adult Services Librarian is responsible for the selection of all adult materials. All youth materials are selected by the Children’s Librarian. Material selection does not constitute endorsement or advocacy with the work’s contents or the moral, religious, or political beliefs expressed within by the Monticello Union-Township Public Library, its staff, agents or board. 

Youth (Children, Young Adult) 
In selecting materials for the Youth Services collection, the Library recognizes it serves children of varying backgrounds and interests, taking into account age and development levels. The Library makes available a collection that satisfies the informational, educational, recreational, and cultural needs of children from infancy through young adulthood, and the needs of teachers and youth workers who work with them. 

Youth Services material is selected using the selection guidelines and criteria stated in this policy. Additional criteria may be considered when selecting children’s materials. Materials are chosen based on reviews in professionally recognized journals, popularity, award winners, children’s book lists, and input from patrons.

The Library’s children’s collections serve children from infancy through age twelve. Materials for this collection reflect the wide range of reading and interest levels that this age group includes. The collection promotes early literacy using the ECRR (Every Child Ready to Read) program. The collection also provides materials that support school reading programs and homework assignments. The children’s collections are intended to encourage children to develop a lifelong habit of reading for both recreational and informational needs.

Young Adult
Adolescence is the transitional age from childhood to maturity and an experimental stage during which young people investigate a wide variety of interests. Young adults may use a wider range of library materials than any other age group. While the entire collection is available to the young adult, the Library recognizes that certain materials have a special appeal or message for this group. Therefore, the young adult collection includes fiction and nonfiction resources particularly appropriate to adolescents age 12 through 18. Inclusive in this collection are materials that support school assignments and materials to pursue higher education and career exploration. This collection is intended to nurture a desire for lifelong learning. 

The Youth collections provide children with a wide variety of recreational and informational materials in a broad range of subject areas and on all reading levels, with a representation of diverse points of view. The Monticello-Union Township Public Library adheres to the American Library Association’s Bill of Rights, Freedom to Read and View Statements (Appendix A, B, C). It is the parents’ or guardians’ responsibility to supervise their child’s reading/listening/viewing interests. 

Textbook/Home Schooling Needs
The Library does not purchase textbooks or other curriculum-specific materials except when such materials may also serve the general public. When available, current school textbooks are loaned to the Library for the youth collections by the Twin Lakes School Corporation. The Library recognizes the need to support students that are home schooled by providing a variety of educational and recreational material of interest to them.

It is the library’s primary objective to offer the best quality materials based on the community’s general and special character and interest. The rate and direction of growth of the collections shall reflect the continuing requirements of the library’s clientele and of those in the community who may become patrons. Careful consideration is given to the purchase of requested material not held by the library. Emphasis is placed on adding to rather than on duplicating materials available in school, academic, or special libraries. Every attempt is made to acquire titles by local authors, artists, and producers that are published by mainstream publishers. Titles that are self-published are not added to the collection unless there is a compelling reason to do so (valuable local content, high local interest). Materials receiving unfavorable reviews may be selected if there is significant patron demand, if the material is of particular interest locally, or if the material fills a special unmet need in the collection. No materials will be rejected solely on the basis of the author’s point of view.

Collection Policy Part 2 of 3

Collection Development Policy (cont.)

Potential collection materials, which may meet one or more of the following, will be evaluated and, when appropriate, selected according to the following criteria:
  • Current and anticipated needs of the community
  • Relation to existing collection and other material on the subject
  • Timeliness of information
  • Suitability of the subject, style and format for the intended audience
  • Quality of production and availability
  • Cost and funding
  • Importance as a document of the times
  • Importance as a representation of important movements, genres, social and historical trends
  • Evaluation in review media
  • Literary merit
  • Reputation, skill and purpose of the author, producer, publisher or creator
  • Representation of diverse points of view
  • Receipt of, or nomination for, major awards or prizes

Library materials selection will be made from current review sources such as Library Journal, Book Page, Publisher’s Weekly, and School Library Journal, standard lists, patron requests, and library staff recommendations. Special attention will be given to starred reviews in professional journals. 

The scope of the Monticello-Union Township Public Library collection refers to the formats offered, intended audience, and subject range and depth of materials, especially nonfiction. Emphasis is given to materials that fulfill the wide-ranging interests of the general public. The collection will include materials that provide varying levels of entertainment, education, differing social, religious, and political viewpoints, materials that are representative of various customs, cultures and languages, diverse formats, and subject matter for many levels of comprehension. The collection is not intended to be comprehensive. Materials intended for an academic audience or that have a narrow appeal will generally be omitted from the collection. The collection is not archival and is reviewed and revised on an ongoing basis to meet contemporary needs.

The library purchases various types of formats which are intended to meet the cultural, informational, educational, and recreational needs of our patrons. When possible the library’s preference is to purchase hardcover editions for durability and the most popular and current format for accessibility. Paperbacks are purchased when the hardcover edition is no longer available or they are the only available format.

Electronic Resources
Electronic resources are a growing and increasingly vital format in libraries. The Monticello Union-Township Public Library’s goal is to increase its electronic resources collection. Electronic resources are subject to the same criteria noted above and the following standards:

  • Scope, comprehensiveness
  • Currency of information and frequency of updates
  • Years of coverage and archives
  • Quality of indexing
  • Ease of searching
  • Search of construction assistance and online help
  • Stability and speed of connection
Output Features
  • Clear screen displays
  • Printing capabilities
  • Downloading options
  • Document delivery options
  • Availability of training for staff
  • Costs for access and other uses

Gift Books
Gifts of money for the purchase of materials as memorials or for other reasons will be accepted. The wishes of the donor will be followed in the purchase of materials so long as items conform to the library’s selection policies. The library welcomes gifts of materials as long as they may be accepted without commitment as to final disposition. Any donation used to purchase materials will receive a plate acknowledging the source of the gift. The library reserves the right to give donated books to the Friends of the Library to sell or otherwise dispose of donations not added to the collection.

Adopt-a-Book Program
Monticello Union Township Public Library patrons may choose to “adopt” a book for the library. The library will keep a list of popular authors and high demand- titles available for adoption at the circulation desk. The adopter can make a monetary contribution, which will be deposited into the Adopt a Book Fund to purchase materials to add to the library’s collection. Each “adopter” gets his or her name on a special bookplate in the book if they so desire. They will be the first to check the book out of the library when they pay for the book. A receipt will be provided for tax purposes. All decisions concerning the selection and location of all library materials are the library’s responsibility.

Collection Policy Part 3 of 3

Collection Development Policy (cont.)

Public Input
The Monticello Public Library values the input of its patrons. Purchase suggestions from patrons are welcome and provide librarians with useful information about interest and needs of the community. Any patron may suggest an item he or she would like to see added to the collection by submitting a “Suggestion Form.” The Adult Services Librarian or Children’s Services Librarian will evaluate each suggestion using the criteria guidelines in the Collection Development Policy to decide whether or not the item will be added to the collection. The patron will be informed of that decision if he or she provide their name and contact information on the request form.

Interlibrary Loan
If the library does not purchase a requested title, the item may be available through the interlibrary loan network (ILL). The patron is requested to provide the needed information if possible. In-state interlibrary loan is typically free to the patron. Interlibrary loan service is a courtesy provided to the Monticello Union-Township Public Library by other libraries. It is the responsibility of the patron to return borrowed interlibrary loan materials on time. Interlibrary loan materials that are late are fined .25 per day. Patrons who lose interlibrary loan materials will be prohibited from requesting future interlibrary loan materials unless they pay the cost of the materials according to the lending library’s fees. Interlibrary loan is not a substitute for collection development. Interlibrary Loan can expand the range of materials available to patrons without expending its budget or duplicating the resources of other libraries. Titles not owned by the library that a patron wants to obtain through ILL are given to the Adult Services Librarian. ILL requests for recent materials are considered for purchase since it is unlikely that these will be available from other libraries. Titles that do not fit the scope of the collection are too old, out-of-date, or out-of-print are recommended for ILL.

Systematic, continual evaluation of the library’s holdings is necessary to provide an up-to-date collection in good physical condition. The library believes that the amount of use that an item receives in the present outweighs the possibility that someone may use it some day. No extraordinary effort is made to preserve the last copy of any title in the collection. Items may be discarded by the library if they are surplus to the needs of the collection or physically so worn as to be unusable or if the content proves to be no longer relevant or valid in light of newer information. 

Withdrawn materials will be given to the Friends of the Monticello Union-Township Public Library to be sold, recycled, or thrown away, depending on the condition of the materials. Audiovisual materials which are withdrawn will be replaced in most cases with a newer format if available. Due to limited shelf space multiple copies are generally not purchased unless popular demand (hold list exceeds five patrons) requires it. After a year additional copies will be weeded out. 

Evaluation:  The criteria and guidelines set forth in MUSTIE (Misleading, Ugly, Superseded, Trivial, Irrelevant, Elsewhere) and CREW (Continuous Review of Evaluation and Weeding) determine the evaluation process for collection maintenance for the Library.

The general criteria for weeding include the following:
  • Availability of updated, newer, or revised materials
  • Historical value of the item
  • Condition of the item
  • Item’s place in a series
  • Possible future usefulness
  • Unneeded duplicates
  • Availability of other items on the same subject in the collection
  • Cost of replacement, if necessary
It is critical that outdated information, especially in law, business, finance, and medicine be discarded.

Request for Reconsideration of Material 
Public libraries have the obligation of reflecting within its collection differing points of view on controversial or debatable subjects. The Monticello Union-Township Public Library adheres to the American Library Association’s Bill of Rights, Freedom to Read and View Statements (Appendix A, B, C). Inclusion of an item does not imply endorsement of a particular belief or view by an author. Library materials will not be marked or identified to show approval or disapproval of the contents, items will not be concealed, except for the purpose of protecting them from damage or theft.

Patrons requesting reconsideration of materials in the library collection must complete a Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials form available at the main circulation desk (Appendix D). Staff is to be polite, courteous and cooperative, but is to take no action or make any statement, which will commit the library in anyway. The form will be given to the appropriate department head who will respond in writing to the complaint in consultation with the director. Further review can be requested from the library board of trustees who may review the complaint as a body or as an advisory committee for a recommendation. Each request will be handled on a case by case basis.
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