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Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre

What is the Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre?

Our Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre is a night of mystery and intrigue! Guests are brought into the theatre and seated into teams. Our cast will introduce you to the setting and characters before revealing a...MURDER. Can you solve the crime? Enjoy a drink, dinner, and dessert while you fit together the clues, hopefully, if your team can correctly root out the perpetrator you'll receive a prize! 

The Monticello-Union Township Public Library presents: “Green, Red, and DEAD for Christmas,” an evening of intrigue and murder on Friday, December 10th at 6 pm. Tickets can be purchased at the circulation desk at the library for $30 per ticket starting 11/8. Teams are limited to 5 people. Space is limited!

The Setting

The setting for this year’s Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre is set at the Monticello Public Library near Christmas time. Our victim, Rita, is a popular craft book author returning to her hometown to lead a craft workshop in the promotion of her new book. Rita is found murdered early in the night; can your team solve the crime? Use clues and questions to piece together the mystery and if you and your team can correctly pin the perpetrator you’ll receive a prize!

The Cast

  • Rita N Weep (Victim) – Author of craft books, originally from Monticello. Also writes mysteries and romance novels under a pseudonym, Terri Belle. She gathers information on people whenever she can to use in her novels and is not above blackmailing people when possible.
  • Dan Giordano as Cary “Kool” Weep - Married to Rita. Works as a lounge singer. Seems to be bothered by Rita's success and his lack thereof. He thinks she should use her contacts to promote him. he performs in small venues with his partner - Carol singer. The two have been having an affair for many years now.
  • Dawn Giordano as Carol Singer - Partner of Kool. Believes she doesn't have much talent and is happy to be backup vocals for Kool. She is also of the belief that Rita is hanging onto Kool for spite.
  • Rachel Cudworth as Candy Cane - Library Director. Since taking over around a year ago the budget has been compromised; supplies are being ordered at a higher rate and petty cash is dwindling and rare books have gone missing.
  • Jack Reindt as Juan A Break - Aspiring actor. Plays Santa Claus every year, each time with a new accent, ballerina, etc. Knew Rita from Theatre classes in high school. Rita would can all of his theatre performances in the school paper.
  • Debbie Reindt as Simone Schuster - Rita's publisher. Would like to see Rita branch out of the craft book genre. Also would like to be elevated in the industry and is unhappy and confused why Rita won't help her.
  • Deb Vandervort as Marion Brite - Fellow craft book author and Rita's rival. Believes Rita simply tweaks her ideas and presents them as her own; however, due to Rita's success, the public believes otherwise. Recently came up with a way to make glitter from old nylons.
  • Sharon McKinley as Lucy Tipps - Local waitress at the Rusty Fork. When waiting on Rita she may be spilling secrets she hears white waiting tables. Came to help cater the fundraiser.
  • Kelly Kiser as Joy Makin – Rita’s biggest fan. Loves all things celebratory, especially holiday crafts. Fawns over Rita.
  • Matt Kiser as Blackie Heart – Shifty local who hates all celebrations. Blackie has made a name for himself by writing to the editors of all the newspapers protesting any and all celebrations. Immediately drags down every event he attends
  • Mike Marchand as Inspector Booker - Monticello Detective. Handsome, debonair, and brilliant
Dinner Menu: 

Assortment appetizers
Salad station
Vegetable lasagna OR Sliced honey baked ham
SIDES: Roasted potatoes & Green beans
Sweet Rolls

Wine, Lemonade, Tea (Sweet or Unsweet), and Coffee

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